AvBrains – It’s what we do

AvBrains is the culmination of years of study and experience in the field of all things aeroplane and aviation. There’s no course one can take, no YouTube video series that one can watch, no single book one can read to learn the essential lessons in the high-stakes domains of aircraft operations, operational assessment, financial analysis, entry-into-service planning and post-implementation optimisation.

AvBrains consists of industry leaders in their fields with direct involvement in the operation, assessment, negotiation, purchase and project management of tens of billions of dollars of aircraft. While the team has worked on major projects for major airlines and clients across multiple continents, even single aircraft projects are in scope.

Our individual journeys in the consulting space aren’t new but the serendipitous formation of this team certainly is. Analysis and expertise from our team members has been used in some of the most significant aviation success stories of this century. It can be used for your success story too.

We’ve been in this field for many years but our website is only just at it’s beginning. Please don’t let that put you off. Send our admin team an email from the link below and we’ll get back to you pronto.

While the site is still under development the best thing you can do to get access to the combined knowledge of our experts is to click on this link and tell us how we can help.